Sad, But True

Sad, but true.

Here’s an interesting piece:

Internet use cutting into TV viewing and Socializing.

I personally watch about 15 hours of TV every 6 months. That’s when I go home to Pennsylvania where my family has (limited) cable.

I will go to see movies in the theatre, but this is at least a social activity to some degree as I go with someone when I go to the movies.

From the article:

A 2000 study by the researchers that reported increasing physical isolation among Internet users created a controversy and drew angry complaints from some users who insisted that time they spent online did not detract from their social relationship

There is some truth to this: I spend far too much time on the Internet at is is. And certainly there is a degree of blocking out face to face relationships while you’re sitting in front of a computer screen.

However, there is another side to this and this is the fact of opening communication channels.

My collection of friends, from around the world really, has increased 5 fold since I started using the Internet more heavily about 4 months ago.

At that time, I set out, actually, to FIND new people, friends and pen pals and the ilk.

And so far it has been quite a success. I talk to several of my friends on the phone regularly, I’ve met quite a few from my local area, and I have friends from California who want to meet me when I go out there to visit in the middle of January.

So there is a trade off; is it worth it?

Like anything in life, balance is keynote.

I would be first to admit that I spend too much time on the internet. There is a certain discipline that one must use, as with anything else.

I’ve – as a “new years resolution”, one might say – decided that I will spend less time on the internet and more time out and about and doing things.

But I still won’t watch any TV.



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