Okay, so I admit it – I’m now a blogger. What the hell.

Like many current tech crazes, I’ve probably tried many things once – especially when they were in beta (or “early development” for those of you who aren’t in the gen.)

I was on AOL back at version 2.0 – way, way back. And I was even on eWorld for a while. (Don’t remember eWorld? Well, neither does anyone else but check it out here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eworld )

So point being, I’ve “had a blog” for nearly a year now – yes, back when we were all just hearing about blogs and they were becoming something new and exciting.

But, I never put anything to them. Never actually blogged.

Hah! So what was the point?

Well, I recently acquired a digital camera. (Read: I got one for xmas.)

And there are quite a few of my friends who have requested to see my photos and I like to oblige them in things like this.

Now, stepping backwards for a moment here, I should mention that I’ve also had a website for while, and explored several different ways of keeping it updated and keeping my photos and graphics online for friends et al. to see.

But it drove me crazy as I had no good web tools with which to publish something regularly into my doled-out earthlink domain space.

So I figured, what the hell – I know I have a blog space, and I know that I can subscribe to a photo-blog site as well.

And so there you have it; my current foray into blogging.

I’ve two of them, and a “photo-blog.”

There is this one: “A Month of Sundays.” (Which is an idiom, by the way, which means a long time or indefinitely long time.)

And “My Sometimes Air-Conditioned Life” which is sort of a catch-all of things.

And my Flickr account is here. (Flicker is a neat photo sharing service; check it out.)

I know they’ll define themselves and sort them selves out a little more as I go along, but there you have it – enjoy.


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